Dear Jeanine,

It was a great pleasure to read the poem written by your grandfather in 1947. The sentiment is never more relevant than this season as the flooding has delayed 'The ships joyful splash into water'. Fortunately, unlike many who have incurred large damage, our laughter is only temporarily delayed and certainly minimized by the contributions of the great community both around us and also stretching into the past as through Judge Charbonneau's composition.


Hadrian Corning MAL Communications PCYC

Pointe- Claire Yacht Club

Shorn of their lithe and gleaming spars 

Which always had pointed to the stars, 

Stripped of sails with graceful curves, 

Hibernating hulls squat on the grounds, 

With covers flapping as long-eared hounds, 

Lively yachts, now in torpor bound, 

Throughout days that shorten 

And nights that have lengthened. 

But daylight will again brighten 

And warming breezes soon will beckon 

To paint-brush wielders, sanders, caulkers, 

Carpenters, riggers and others, 

When after hours of loving labour, 

With hulls shining and tops aglitter, 

The ships joyfully splash into water, 

Alive for another round of mirth and laughter. 

The shiprights have gone and sailors now reign, 

Chasing the rainbows in their own domain; 

Some drifting as on lazy clouds, 

With muted songs in their bounding hearts; 

Others with ambition, in races competing; 

A few away to distant seas and landings. 

Explorers all, dreamers and kindred souls. 

May the good ship Argo bring in its hold, 

For this and many other years to behold, 

Of health and happiness, the fleece of gold. 

Judge Jean-Pierre Charbonneau 

January 1, 1947 

The Flood of 2017

Fellow members,

To any members who are flooded I’d like to say don’t worry about your boat, let us know and we’ll take care of it.  To the City of Pointe Claire; the Executive last night unanimously voted our thanks to the City for their immediate assessment of our needs on Saturday and the prompt installation of sand bags to protect the dining room from wave damage.  To our volunteers; the City employees worked alongside a whole crew of PCYC volunteers who appeared I know not by magic.  Thanks.

The water level is now 217 cm above chart datum and we feel it needs to drop to 185 cm above datum before we can safely launch boats.  Even as the level of the Ottawa River drops more water will be released from the St. Lawrence River.  We expect Lac St. Louis to be maintained at about this level for some time, perhaps weeks yet.  Please keep your boat ready to launch, it may be on short notice.  The High-Water Lounge upstairs is now open weekends.

Our staff are doing everything they can but there will come a time that members will be asked to pitch in again.  Together we can yet salvage a good season.  

George Stedman


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23 May 2017;
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GNS Sailors Supper
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GNS Sailors Supper
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GNS Sailors Supper
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10 Jun 2017;
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01 Jul 2017;
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PCYC Annual Regatta
01 Jul 2017;
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Etchells Quebec Championships

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