Given the current Covid-19 situation, we are obliged to follow government guidelines when crewing our boats. The Fédération de Voile du Québec has given us these three crewing options:

You can be alone on your boat, or

Everyone onboard shall be living at the same home address, or

You may have crew not living under the same address, provided:
•    You are on a course or training for a competition/regatta or participating in a local regatta, and
•    Face covering is worn, and
•    There is no sharing of equipment, and
•    Don't travel between regions, and
•    Physical distance of 2M is applied
(on boats which permit the 2M distancing, short and sporadic contact which is inherent in this sport is acceptable if the 2M distance is temporarily broken during maneuvers. This contact or breach must not accumulate to more than ten minutes for the whole day or the regatta).
Note: For Option-3, visitors/guests are not (yet) permitted on club premises.


 Sailboat crewing is the greatest deal in all of sports! You don't need expensive equipment, sailing skills, or money to get started.

It's a simple fact of life that all boat owners need crew members. The pay will rarely exceed refreshments after the race or cruise, but the on-the-job training is always free. 

Fair warning...

Sailing is a sport for adventurous individuals who deal with circumstances as they arise, and finding a good ride as a crew member is the first step in that process.  But don't worry, we will be able to find you yachts with a skipper suitable for your desires, who will be happy to take you out for a cruise or race.We aim to get as many boats as possible out on the water by matching up helms and crews who are looking for somebody to sail with.

The time-honored method of getting a ride is to simply show up one hour before a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or weekend race (see calendar) and to start asking around who needs a hand.While this method is best for people with some experience, a desire to learn is the key element most crews are looking for. An outgoing personality doesn't hurt, either. The Fleet Captain enjoys nothing more than talking to someone interested in getting involved as crew. He can help you identify an ideal event to start with and will likely know a few boats to get you started.

You do not need any special equipment, however we recommend:
1.    Proper boating footwear
2.    A cap, sunglasses and sunscreen, for those sunny days
3.    A water bottle
4.    Gloves, unless you don't mind possible burns and blisters ;)
5.    An approved lifejacket (most skippers will be able to provide you with one, although it may not be the best fit for your body size)

If you wish to crew, contact the Fleet Captain at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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