Your Race Committee is made up of dedicated volunteers committed to running top quality sailing events while providing a fair and safe racing environment for the competing sailors.

ISABELLE - Club Race Officer (CRO)
The overall on water management of the regatta is the responsibility of the CRO. The CRO keeps an overview of the course and is the ultimate decision maker on the overall conduct of the event. More specifically, Isabelle will be our wind reader, line sighter and she’ll oversee the timing. The CRO also supervises the onshore aspects of race management, ensuring that signals are displayed correctly.

DOMINIQUE – Registration and Scoring
In charge of registering boats, spotting, entering race finishes and responsible for posting those results.

COLIN – Timing
In charge of keeping time during starts, recording leg times, and finish times if required.

JEFF – Flags
Hoists start flag signals as required, and recall flags after the start if necessary. Also tracks requirements of other timed flags

AL – Captain
The operator of the boat in charge of maneuvering the committee boat and responsible for the safety of the crew on board. As a secondary task, Al is the sounder.




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