Our vision of the PCYC Sailing School is more than just water activities for the day; it is a journey of personal development and growth for every individual who steps through our club’s boundaries.

For those kids just discovering the sport for the first time, it’s about enjoying mother nature and a new freedom on Lac St Louis. It’s about understand the dynamics of wind and water combined to move a boat through the water in a direction of their choice. It’s about building of confidence that they can be the commander of their own ship!

For those others who have taken a stronger interest in sailing, they move into more complex aspects of the sport to not only understand the wind and weather but also how to manipulate it to make the boat go where they want with confidence and control.

Finally, for those who have fallen in love with the sport, we dive into the competitive: the complete sailor.  At this stage of the game, a sailor develops a sense responsibility with organizing themselves on a macro basis by participating in the creation of their annual schedule that includes academic activities, practices, competitions and personal commitments, and on a micro aspect by preparing for daily practice, fitness and maintenance of their boats.

Each stage presents unique opportunities and challenges to the athletes in an ultra healthy environment, outside, on the water with new friends.

I have been involved with many different sports, both as an athlete and a dad. No other sport provides the same experience, opportunities and life lessons as the sport of sailing!

Montreal is surrounded by water, discovered by sailors 375 years ago; take advantage of a sport for life. Go sailing!

See you on the water.

Tyler Bjorn
London 2012 Olympian
PCYC Sailing Coordinator and Head Coach

Upcoming Events

24 May 2018;
08:00PM -
Sailors' Supper
26 May 2018;
05:30PM -
Opening Dinner & Dance
29 May 2018;
08:00PM -
Sailors' supper
31 May 2018;
08:00PM -
Sailors' Supper
01 Jun 2018;
08:00PM -
Friday BBQ

Upcoming Regattas

16 Jun 2018;
01:00PM -
Maud Cup
30 Jun 2018;
10:00AM - 08:00PM
Quebec Fireball Open
30 Jun 2018;
10:00AM -
PCYC Annual Regatta
05 Jul 2018;
TRY Regatta
07 Jul 2018;
10:00AM -
BYC Annual Regatta

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